Education and Training

The System Safety Society is working to offer its members a means of learning about available courses and focus groups related to the System Safety discipline. Read the Education Announcement to learn more about advertising your course or focus group.

To see the current listing of courses and focus groups, open the Safety Education file.

Education Announcement

Were initiating improvements in Education and Professional Development services. We would like to start by offering a means of learning about available courses and focus groups related to the System Safety discipline. The Director of Education and Professional Development is developing a database on sponsors and their courses as well as safety related focus groups. Initially the database will become available in the form of a table on line on the Societies web page. To start wed like to enable links to sponsors web-sites, preferably directly to the department / course offering that is of interest to the system safety practitioner. By providing minimal information about the sponsor or course on our website and linking it to the sponsor for specifics we hope to ensure information currency for the membership.

Were looking for the following information on sponsors & courses
  • Sponsor Name
  • Web Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Safety degree program offered
  • Special notes about the sponsor
  • Title
  • Instructor Name
  • Course Length
  • Text Book
  • Is distance learning offered
  • Mobile classroom available
  • CSP CEUs offered
  • College credits available
  • Other credits
  • Perquisites
  • Notes
If you have taken a course and would like to send in a review wed like to know that too. Be sure to provide sufficient information to connect your review to the above courses. Eventually we hope to be able to provide information about quality of courses and text book references used for aiding members in deciding which course is best for them or books to use for self study/reference.

For focus groups were looking to spread the word on that by providing the following information:
  • Group Name
  • Chairperson / coordinator
    • e-mail address
    • Contact phone number
    • Mail address
  • Web site address
  • Focus of the group
  • Meeting location (or general location)
  • Web meetings available
  • Teleconferencing available
  • Notes
If you have suggestions for other information that would be helpful to our membership please forward your suggestions for consideration as well.