System Safety Training Database

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Disclaimer: The Society posts System Safety related courses and "clubs" as a free service to our members. Businesses, institutions or individuals are welcome to submit information to: (Jim Gibbons) free of charge. To qualify as a "System Safety" related course or club, the subject must be in "System Safety" or a related field (i.e. reliability, human factors, safety management, etc. with an exposure of how this field is related to the practice of System Safety). The SSS reserves the right and has sole discretion to refuse any or all content of a course, sponsor or club and the right to change this policy at any time. The SSS is not responsible for maintaining web links to courses or club information. Reviews of courses, text and related information are welcome as well form persons who have personally attended a course within the past 2 years. This information will not be posted, but may be used in quality control of listings.

For the purposes of this site courses are presentation of safety related materials in a preplanned manner for the purpose of teaching a subject. Clubs are considered focus groups for discussion of safety related topics in a free flowing or variable format.