50th Anniversary

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The International System Safety Society is a non-profit organization supporting safety professionals worldwide. With a wide range of individual and corporate members, the Society is affiliated with major corporations, educational institutions and other agencies. The system safety concept focuses on the application of systems engineering and systems management to the process of hazard, safety and risk analysis. Chapters around the globe, the annual International System Safety Conference, and the renowned Journal of System Safety are just a few of the means by which we strive to accomplish our objectives.

Our Web site offers a wealth of resources for members and visitors alike. We invite you to return to it often.

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Happy Anniversary, ISSS!

50th AnniversaryThis year marks the 50th anniversary from the society's establishment in 1963.
Journal of System Safety

Journal of System Safety

About the Journal

Journal of System Safety is the official publication of the System Safety Society and is the leading source of cutting-edge information about the latest developments in the system safety field.

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Notice of the Reduction in the Number of Journal of System Safety Society Issues for 2013-2014

During the past year the finances of the society were hurt by the government sequestration. In the past, conference income amounted to over half of our total income and the loss of this income for last year combined with the anticipated reduction in conference income for future years has caused the executive council of the society to aggressively cut costs. One of the many areas we have had to cut back in is the number of publications per year of the Journal of System Safety (JSS). This decision was not reached lightly. We as an executive council understand the value of this journal. We have reduced the publication from the 4 print version and 2 electronic versions each year to three print versions. This reduction is in effect for this society year, and subscribers will receive two more JSS issues as of the writing of this notice for the Society Year 2013-2014. We regret the inconvenience this may have caused, but we assure our readers and members the reduction will not affect the technical content of the JSS. The number of publications will be reevaluated at next year’s Executive Council meeting.

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Many members are unaware that they may still be listed as Affiliate rather than Professional Members of the International System Safety Society. This may be the case if they joined the Society as part of an International System Safety Conference registration, or if they haven't filled out and submitted the longer (Professional) application form. Only Professional members can vote or run for office.

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Conference Info

Conference Info

The 32nd International System Safety Training Symposium

August 4–8, 2014
St. Louis, Missouri

The 31st International System Safety Conference

August 12–16, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts

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The 30th International System Safety Conference

August 6–10, 2012
Atlanta, Georgia

The 29th International System Safety Conference

Material from 29th ISSC (2011)

Bulletin Board

RAMS® 2015

Deadline Extension - Call For Papers Submission is now May 2, 2014

AIHA Fall Conference 2014

October 18–22, 2014
Washington, DC

GlobeSPACE 2014

The symposium date has been rescheduled to December 1-4, 2014.

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RAMS® 2015

Call For Papers Submission Deadline: April 15, 2014

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For more information about topics, and how to prepare and submit your abstract, download the Call for Papers PDF.

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MIL-STD-882E officially released on 11May2012.

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Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving strives to provide the latest news and information to help keep our community safe.

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