Best Papers from the International System Safety Society Conference

Year Paper Title Authors
2005 Defining a Coherent Relationship between Airworthiness & System Safety in U.S. Army Aviation Donald Swallom
Quantitative Risk-based System Safety Assessment for Ammunition Process Facility Francis Loi, Andreas, F. Bienz, and Alfred Tan
System Safety Implications & Applications of Noise Evaluation and Control in Military Ships Kurt Yankaskas
2006 The Incorporation of Medical Emergency Event Sequences Into the International Space Station Probabilistic Risk Assessment Model Roque J. Haines
Multi-Dimensioned Safety Criticality Assessment: How - When - Why - What Is It Good For? Bill Blake
An Argument-Based Approach for Assessing Design Alternatives and Facilitating Trade-Offs in Critical Systems Georgios Despotou and Tim Kelly
2007 Anatomy of an Award Winning Safet Program: A Case Study of the SSGN OHIO Class Conversion Safety Program Ricky Milnarik, Bryan, Stanley, Thomas Cook, and Norman Gauthier
Calculating Weapon Fratricide Probability Between Two Weapons Systems Michelle Arevalo and Geoffrey Bland
A Software Tool for Domino Effect Risk Assessment in Industrial Plants Dr. Antonio C. Caputo
Future Considerations in ATM Safety and R&D -- A Summary of the Safety Gap Analysis Report by FAA/Eurocontrol Action Plan 15, Safety Research and Development Eric Perrin, Ron Stroup and Barry Kirwan
2008 Reliability Analysis in Responsive Mission Planning for Autonomous Vehicles Rasa Remenyte-Prescott, John D. Andrews and Clive Downes
Understanding Failures in International Safety-Critical Infrastructures: A Comparison of the Causes of Major Blackouts in Europe and North America Chris W. Johnson
2009 A Systematic Approach for Developing Software Safety Arguments Dr. Richard Hawkins, and Dr. Tim Kelley
Countering the Systemic Threats to Public Safety From Improvised Explosive Devices Dr. Chris Johnson and Louisa Nilsen-Nygaard
Software Survivability: Where Safety and Security Merge Karen Mercedes-Goertzel
2010 Expert Estimation of Safety Costs for Electro physical Systems Research and Design Dr. I.M. Zheleznov and Dr. A.V. Sokovishin
ISO 26262 Hazard and Risk Assessment Methodology Dr. Rami Debouk and Dr. Jeff Joyce
Reliability Blok Diagramming in System Safety Practice Early C. McKnight III and P.L. Clemens
2011 Mathematical Techniques to Improve the Utility of a Hazard Risk Matrix Don Swallom
System Safety Engineering: The Benefits and Practicalities of Globalization John McDermid
Application of the Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) to Safety Related Software(s) Xiang Li, Carol Smidts, Jatin Gupta, Mike Allocco, and Gerry McCartor
2012 Toward a System Security Engineering Process for Safety-Critical Automotive Embedded Control Systems Barbara J. Czerny
Case Studies In Software Safety: Lessons Learned From Software-Related Accidents Terry L. Hardy
Safety Engineering Practice, Experience, and Confidence on Integration of a Large Scale Cbtc System Fenggang Shi
2013 Towards Automatic Verification of Safety Properties in AADL System Models Stefan Bj?rnander, Patrick Graydon, Rikard Land
Software Risk: The Third Rail of Safety Analysis Holly S. Hildrethand Charles Greg Elcock
2014 Practical Insights for the Exchange of Leading Practices, Lessons Learned in Accident Investigation, and Lessons Learned from Incident Investigations Chris W. Johnson, Susan Reinartz and Michael Rebentisch
System Safety Considerations for Unmanned Ground Vehicles Tiffany Owens

Papers are available on the System Safety Society Technical Archive CD.